Tree Relocation

Civic Trees has perfected industry leading techniques for tree relocation.

This involves lifting an existing tree from one location and transporting it to another before successfully replanting.

Tree Moving

Tree moving in action

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Whether moving trees across the country as part of a house move, or tree relocation on a site to allow for new development, transferring existing trees is an efficient and effective method of re-deploying existing tree stocks.

Subject to local authority approval, even trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders can be relocated.

Relocation is particularly important on country estates and golf courses where young tree plantations are often in abundance. Thinning young tree stocks to decrease planting density will encourage stronger, fuller trees and provide new plants for use around the property.


A number of methods are employed for successfully transplanting both mature and semi-mature trees:

Newman® Frame

For situations where the use of tree-spades is not practical, we developed the Newman® Frame allowing us to create rootballs upto 4.5m Diameter. This technology has been exported around the globe, and has proved itself in numerous countries under a huge diversity of conditions. It has become the accepted way to achieve economy and quality when transporting large trees for relocation.

Tree Spades

This machinery is the most common way of lifting, transporting and replanting semi-mature trees. Civic Trees introduced the first Vermeer tree spade into Europe in 1968. Today, we have the largest and most comprehensive fleet of tractor mounted tree spades in the UK. Our size range allows us to move trees upto 90cm Girth .