Tree Planting

At Civic Trees we believe that a specimen is only as good as the way it is handled, planted and maintained.

Ground preparation, secure fixing and aftercare are crucial to the successful establishment of any tree.

Large Trees

Large trees provide a variety of benefits from social, communal, environmental, and economic perspectives.

Whether you are a local authority officer, a property developer or a local resident, our large tree planting capabilities will benefit your tree scape immediately.

Private gardens

It is becoming increasingly common that gardeners are realising the potential of large mature trees in a private garden environment.

Whether it is to provide shade to a sunny garden or screen an unsightly view, large trees are a quick and effective way of improving your landscape.

Wildlife lovers

A mature oak tree can support over 300 different types of wildlife.

Birds often like a safe, raised area such as a tree as it gives them time to survey the surrounding area to ensure it is free from predators.

Insects and bird life add diversity to your land as they help to pollinate other plant life.

Horse owners will enjoy the instant benefits that just one semi-mature tree can provide, shading a paddock area from all the elements. Trees can be used to cast shade onto stable blocks, preventing them for overheating during the long summer months.

Commercial applications

Consider the benefits and added value of planting large trees in your community. Large tree planting makes a statement about the intentions of the funding body – “We want tree cover in this location and we are prepared to pay for it.” Large tree planting creates instant shaded areas in public open spaces or school grounds and can reduce the need for air conditioners to cool adjacent buildings. Civic Trees has developed planting specifications that can be included in development reports.

Architects, designers and specifiers

Civic Trees has participated in many of the largest and grandest planting schemes in the UK and abroad. We have been involved in projects such as:

  • Screening the Berlin Wall

  • Emphasising the approaches to Disneyland Paris

  • The pedestrianisation and re-development of Trafalgar Square

Public realm planting

The public realm has been Civic Trees core business for over 50 years, it's where the name comes from.

Since the company was founded in 1963, it has been working closely with local authorities, public bodies, and commercial landlords to use trees to enhance public space.

Benefits of tree planting in public areas include:

  • Increased property values

  • Reduced anti social behaviour

  • Improvements to health and well being

We love planting avenues

Plant trees to block an unpleasant view


Plant trees to create a garden centrepiece