Local Authority

We work with local authorities across the UK to establish trees that residents can be proud of.

A Genuine Partnership Solution

Civic Trees work with local authorities seeking a partnership solution. We offer a variety of services to assist our clients to maintain beautiful, healthy trees, shrubs and landscapes.

Passionate about urban tree planting, Civic Trees can offer competitive rates to supply, plant & establish.

The team can also offer tree pit resurfacing services for existing street trees.

Alastair Cunningham, Wycombe District Council

“We are very pleased with Civic Trees, they have provided an excellent service

for our tree planting requirements which was quick, efficient, well organised, and

to the correct specification. We would recommend them for similar tree planting


As an alternative to tree felling, or for reallocation of existing stock even where tree preservation orders are in place, we can offer a full tree relocation service for trees with rootballs up to 4.5metres in diameter using industry leading techniques.

Our recent local authority clients include

Case Study - £25,000 London Tree Planting Project

Civic Trees planted 69 trees in North West London as part of a major urban tree planting project in the London Borough of Brent.

Case Study - South Shields Seaside Refurbishment

Civic Trees planted 58 semi-mature street trees as part of a regeneration programme in South Shields.

Case Study - Tree of Heaven to acknowledge greener cities

Civic Trees planted a Tree of Heaven outside Manchester Cathedral as part of a seminar on urban landscaping solutions.

Case Study - 173 trees for community regeneration

Civic Trees planted 173 trees as part of Brent Council’s plan to regenerate South Kilburn in 2012 to counter growing traffic problems in the area.