Tree Supply

We work with leading producers to source a wide variety of trees, allowing us to provide for the most extensive enquiries. All trees supplied are purpose grown in specialist nurseries and provided as ‘rootballed’ or ‘container grown’ specimens.




IMAGE Knowledge Book - Rootballs

Rootballed Specimens

Rootballed specimens are grown in the field until they are lifted for transplanting. The soil in which the tree was growing is left intact and the resulting rootball is then encased in biodegradable hessian and a wire basket to maintain security.



Containerised Specimens

Containerised specimens are grown and supplied in containers, then removed when ready for planting. These trees are available for planting all year round. Civic Trees can either arrange for trees to be delivered direct to site, or delivered to our nursery for holding and collection, or for delivery as part loads when required.

Nursery Visits

Unsure of which specimen to go for? Don’t take any risks, arrange a nursery visit. A much better idea of what is required can be obtained, dependent on personal likes and what suits the situation. A nursery visit can highlight the amazing choice and diversity available.

Arrange a nursery visit with us here

Choosing the right tree for the job

What size do you require? In general large deciduous specimens are sold according to their girth size; this is the circumference of the stem measured one metre above ground level. Evergreen trees, or those which have branches to below one metre are sold according to their height. There are some exceptions, but there is a general correlation between the girth and height.

Height girth correlation

The greater the girth the greater the spread. As trees grow, the branch structure grows too as each year more leaves become shoots, shoots become twigs, twigs become branches and so on. This means that, as well as being taller, a tree with a 30/35cm girth will have a more developed and denser crown than a 18/20cm specimen.

Need advice?

Our team of experts recognise the customer need for impartial advice when it comes to their tree stock. Whether you are looking for a quote, have a question that needs answering or you are merely seeking advice, feel free to contact a member of our team using the contact form on this page.

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