Tree pit finishes

The finishing surface of a tree pit in the public realm is of great importance to the tree and the people around the tree.


The importance of finished tree pits

Unfinished tree pits are a magnet for litter and debris and are dangerous trip hazards for pedestrians. A solid, non-porous surface such as paving or tarmac creates an impervious cap over the tree pit, preventing water and air from getting to the soil in which the tree is growing.


The Ideal Solution

Resin-bonded products are the ideal solution as they create a firm, stable surface which will remain porous. Resin-bonded gravel has been developed to provide a hard wearing and attractive pit surface which bounds stones together to prevent loose objects from migrating beyond the tree pit area. Rotary pavement sweepers can run over resin bound surfacing without displacing the stones.

Understanding Tree Pits…

The width of a tree pit is more critical than its depth. Trees require as much lateral space as possible to allow their roots to spread, providing both support and food for the plant. Although trees have deep roots these are primarily used for support. The main feeding roots are in the top 300mm of any rootball. Provided that the tree pit is 150mm deeper than the rootball and the ground beneath is not impenetrable, it is more advantageous to invest in tree pit width than depth.

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Rubber Bark Mulch

Rubber Bark is made of a reconstituted rubber and makes a softer alternative to gravel. All the benefits of resin-bonded gravel apply with the added benefit of a slightly more flexible, natural looking finish. It is available in a wide variety of attractive colours or a number of pre-mixed blends.



Retrofitting on existing trees

This product can be easily retrofitted around existing trees, replacing surfaces which have become raised or uneven due to tree and root development. Due to the way the product is laid in a semi-fluid form it can be moulded to smooth these contours.