Civic Trees air-spade

A jet of compressed air is blasted through a hand-held lance to loosen and blow away the soil, gently exposing the root system.

Airspade 2
Civic Trees air-spade

Our air-spade services are used extensively throughout the UK by tree owners and those involved in working with trees.

Whether this is for root growth inspection or in advance of carrying out a tree moving project, the system can be used to effectively expose root structures whilst causing minimal damage.

How does it work?

The Air Spade fires a stream of compressed air into the soil at 1500 mph, displacing surrounding material without causing damage to roots or services. With fully trained personnel operating the machine, work is undertaken swiftly and with peace of mind for the client.

Once investigations and related works are complete the trenches created are backfilled with the loose material excavated by the spade.

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